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About InvestYYC

Make a meaningful gift of time or money to support creativity where you live!

InvestYYC is designed to assist local artists and non-profit arts organizations by creating a space where their strongest, most inspiring work can be supported by people like you! InvestYYC provides you with a forum to invest time or money where you live. Make a direct connection to creative projects that resonate with you. We hope that you will consider building a portfolio of investments, no matter how great, in these incredible projects that build our city’s creative energy.

Calgary Arts Development matched the first $50,000 in donor contributions starting on February 26, 2013. Due to overwhelming support from InvestYYC donors, contributions reached $50,000 in only two months! Over 30 projects benefited from matching funds.

InvestYYC’s Projects

Projects on InvestYYC are selected through Calgary Arts Development’s application process. All of the projects on InvestYYC are worthy of your support. They have been selected from a large pool of applicants based on their impact, excellence and ability to execute.

Resources for Project Organizers

Fundraising Goal and Time Limit

To get started, commit to your fundraising goal, decide how long you will need to successfully reach your fundraising goal and choose whether you want to include any volunteer roles or requirements in your project profile.

The fundraising goal is the point at which you have raised enough money to move forward with the fully scoped project. You will also be asked to select a threshold percentage: the amount at which you can move forward with the project, but perhaps not execute the fully scoped project. You must reach the stated threshold percentage of your project’s fundraising goal to receive any donations made to your project on InvestYYC. Where organizers have not met their stated threshold percentages, donations will be credited back to donors on their InvestYYC.com accounts. You will only receive your donor payments if you achieve at least your stated threshold percentage and your time limit has expired. If you raise more funds than your goal, those funds are yours to keep and re-invest in your project or creative practice.

You select your time limit for reaching your fundraising goal. When determining your project’s time limit, consider the date that you need to start spending the money that you raise. It may take 2 - 4 weeks for Calgary Arts Development to process and deliver your raised funds to you once your project has met its time limit. Factor this delay into your project’s time limit. Additionally, your time limit will begin once you have created your project’s profile. Consider adding a few weeks to your project limit if you need time to set up your profile.

Create a Compelling Story

You may want to start with your original InvestYYC application to build your InvestYYC project description. Keep in mind that your audience on InvestYYC differs from an arm’s length grant selection committee comprised of your peers. A committee is looking for a compelling reason to fund your project weighted against specific program criteria. Donors on InvestYYC are looking for projects that they find personally compelling.

Share reasons why your project deserves donations. Donors give to projects that they are passionate about. Describe your project, why it is important to you and what you’re trying to achieve. Donors also look for organizations and individuals that they can trust will follow through with their projects. Add a personal touch by introducing yourself or your organization and ensure that you keep your project profile concise.

Attract Donors With Rewards

Give donors rewards in exchange for their donations. Keep in mind that the fair market value of a reward must be the lesser of $75 or 10% of the donation amount. Rewards should offer a tangible benefit to your donor. If your project has a ticketed component, admission fee or merchandise, offer a discounted price to your donors and a number of their friends. Offer swag that is unique to individuals who donate to your project. Offer credits in your playbill, program, catalogue, film, etc. Additionally, ensure that you offer your donors different levels of rewards. The greater the donation, the greater the reward should be. This being said, ensure that you keep your rewards manageable to prevent yourself from over-promising and under-delivering. Select rewards that you will be able to fulfill given your time and resources.

Promote Your Project

There are a lot of ways to promote your project for free. Reach out to your own network first through word of mouth. Tell friends, family, neighbours and co-workers about the project. For organizations, share your project profile with your members, board of directors, subscribers or other supporters. Encourage your network to share your project profile with their networks.

Reach a greater audience with social media. Set up new social media accounts or capitalize on your existing accounts. Ask your supporters to talk about the project on blogs, Twitter and Facebook, retweet your messages and “like” your project profile on Facebook. When you tweet about the project, add the hashtag #InvestYYC to the end of the post. Be sure to share enthusiastic comments and interesting stories about your project.

Build and Keep Your Donors

Keep your existing donors interested and engaged by providing project updates. Depending on your project’s time limit, provide a compelling update every 3 - 5 days. Make your updates more frequent leading up to your fundraising goal deadline. Donors want to know that their support is making something happen in their community! When you post an update, it will automatically send an email to all of the donors who have opted into receiving your project updates.

Reward Fulfillment

After you’ve successfully reached your stated threshold percentage of your fundraising goal or just before your project reaches its time limit, post a project update to thank your donors and send or initiate steps to follow through with your donor rewards. It is important to keep your donors informed about the status of their rewards and to continue building a relationship with them.

Calgary Arts Development has recorded an information session with tips on how to create a successful project profile on InvestYYC. We encourage you to check out the video!