Payment Policy

Calgary Arts Development is dedicated to helping local artists and non-profit arts organizations raise funds, execute projects and build followings. As such, Calgary Arts Development provides support to artists, arts organizations and donors without fees to their projects. InvestYYC projects are subject to a 7% transaction fee placed on donations by the Canadian Online Giving Foundation, the organization that processes donations and issues tax receipts for InvestYYC. In addition, merchant fees will be applied for donations processed by credit card and/or PayPal.

What information does a project organizer receive from its donors?

When you donate to a project, the project organizer will see your name, email address and donation amount so that they may contact you regarding your donor reward. Your public user profile will display the organizations you support, unless you donate anonymously.

As a project donor, can I adjust my donation amount or rescind my donation entirely?

Donors cannot change or cancel donations made on InvestYYC. However, if project organizers choose not to accept funds they raise on InvestYYC for any reason, donors to the project will have their donation amounts credited back to their InvestYYC accounts.

How do financial transactions on InvestYYC work?

InvestYYC uses a micro-donation processing platform provided by Benevity Social Ventures, Inc., a software company located in Calgary. Benevity, in concert with the Canadian Online Giving Foundation and PayPal, processes all donations and issues charitable tax receipts on behalf of InvestYYC, ensuring secure financial transactions. Donors will be taken to a secure PayPal page to confirm payment and finalize the transaction when they donate to a project. Donors with existing PayPal accounts can complete the payment process in a few clicks. Donors without existing PayPal accounts can easily register during the donation process or make a one-time donation on their credit card through PayPal. At no time is Benevity, the Canadian Online Giving Foundation, Calgary Arts Development or its partners provided with your credit card or PayPal information, which only exists in PayPal’s secure payment page.

How do organizations receive their money?

Project organizers receive their fundraising totals directly from Calgary Arts Development. Calgary Arts Development will issue funds to a project only after the project fundraising period has been completed, the project has met its minimum threshold and project organizers have completed a funding agreement with Calgary Arts Development.