Pop-Up @ Beakerhead

By Jason Johnson


  • Donate $25 and Up

    Acknowledgement on the PopUP Beakerhead Facebook page. Let your friends know about the project and let us give you the thumbs up with a mention of your support on our project page.

    Donate $50 and Up

    Special Event Invitation. We will be opening our pop-ups with a special event that is by invitation only. Meet the designers and fellow supporters of these great projects and build your network at the same time.
  • Donate $75 and Up

    Event invitation and limited edition signed print. In addition to the previous rewards we would like to give you a limited edition signed print of one of the pop-ups. Each numbered print will be signed by one of our talented designers.

    Donate $100 and Up

    Event invitation and a collection of 5 limited edition signed prints. What's better than one signed project print? How about 5 different prints from the collection of images and drawings that are being used in the design and production of these portable works of art.
  • Donate $250 and Up

    Event invitation and signed project catalog, or one of the previous two rewards. Choice is good. So why not choose your reward? In addition to producing a limited number of prints for these projects, we will be producing a catalog that chronicles the process of designing and making them. It's your choice.

    Donate $500 and Up

    Event invitation and project prototype (scaled DIY assembly model) or one of the previous three rewards. Sometimes you just want to take an experience and shrink it down to desk size. Well this is your chance! Donate $500 and receive a DIY kit for producing a miniature version of one of the designed pop-ups.
  • Donate $1000 and Up

    Event Invitation and a signed piece of one of the pavilions or select one of the previous rewards. Each of these projects is a carefully designed and crafted piece of art, some of them made up of hundreds of unique components. Donate $1000 and display one of these signed components on your wall. Get a crowd of others to do the same and you could could re-assemble the entire experience in your living room.

    Donate $5000 and Up

    Event invitation and the opportunity to have a private event for 5 - 10 at one of the Pop-Ups (plus one of the previously listed rewards). Only space will be provided for the private event, and is subject to availability. Enjoy an event in a space not even Jay Z can book (well unless he comes up with the cash first). Donate $5000 and you and some friends will be given access to one of the pop-up spaces for a private party. We supply the venue and you take care of making it an event to remember. Subject to availability, contact us for restrictions.

About the Project

Pop-Up Beakerhead is a collaborative initiative to bring innovative architecture to Calgary in the form of small-scale event spaces. 5 Teams of designers and students will design, fabricate and install five interactive pop-up pavilions to host events, exhibits and functions that support Beakerhead, coming September 11 -15, 2013.

Pop-Up Beakerhead will showcase the work of five teams of emerging designers who will be working with local community partners to create amazing spaces for interactive events. These projects will engage digital fabrication techniques, robotics, and interactivity within the context of Beakerhead and promote design innovation and excellence in Calgary.

Five Projects:
Pop-Up Beakerhead will be working with several communities in Calgary to promote art and design during the Beakerhead Festival in September. Up to five projects will be deployed around the downtown core, each led by a team of internationally known designers and local students. The teams will be creating event spaces that will demonstrate the ways in which technology is being embedded into the production of our built environment. Some pavilions will be deployed following this year’s events to promote the 2014 festival.

The design, fabrication, assembly and events in these projects will be tracked on the Pop-Up Beakerhead Facebook page.

Pop-Up Project 1: Beakerhead Café/Bar
Design Lead: Jason Johnson
This pop-up will host local brewers of coffee and beer and provide a gathering space for festival participants in the area hosting the events.

Pop-Up Project 2: Beakerhead Interactive Tensile Structure
Design Lead: Alvin Huang
A series of temporary and rapidly deployable outdoor structures that aspires to reinvent the typical street fair tent through a combination of dynamic form, variable configurations, and optical effects.

Pop-Up Project 3 : Beakerhead Pop-Up Theatre
Design Leads: Mariana Ibanez, Simon Kim
A pop-up theatre to show various films related to the urban environment, robotics, fashion and created by festival participants.

Pop-Up Project 4: Plus 15 Swarm Sculpture
Design Lead: Josh Taron
Composite Thatch is a digital-analog hybrid assembly that uses CNC fabrication machinery to modify common rigid building insulation into a form work for one or a series of pop-up pavilions. These pavilions are generated using swarming algorithms and computer driven machining techniques.

Pop-Up Project 5: REverb_
Design Lead: Dustin Couzens
The REverb_ proposal for Beakerhead 2013 involves the design and fabrication of a ‘soundscape’ for a Calgary community. Reverb_ will act as an interface/artifact allowing for Calgarians to reverberate their spoken words, music, theatre, performance art, etc. to a larger audience. REverb provides a much needed loci for the dissemination of culture and community interaction. Working closely with an Acoustical Engineer, and students from the University of Calgary’s Architecture Program, REverb will be a foray into CNC milled plywood design, that will not only naturally enhance the acoustic qualities of the activity happening within, but will also provide a stage, backdrop and seating into one seamless event space.

The projects will be designed by designers affiliated with the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary in collaboration with design students. The design teams will be hosting workshops and lectures to engage and educate the public on the importance of design at multiple scales in urban environments and the emergence of digital tools and "new" media for the production and activation of the projects.

Fundraising Goal

Pop-Up @ Beakerhead is an opportunity for you to be a part of InvestYYC’s most ambitious crowdfunding project to date. In order to fund all five of these exciting projects we are looking to raise a total of $125, 000. The good news is that we can build one project for $20,000-25,000. Each time we hit this milestone we will bring another project online. So the more people we have involved the more awesome we can produce.

There will also be the opportunities for people to make in-kind contributions of materials and services that can reduce the overall cost of the project. Our hope is to involve anyone who has something to contribute to make this a truly community supported event.

To get involved with in-kind contributions to these projects please contact us at: popupbeakerhead@gmail.com

Project Budget
Each of the projects has an outlined budget of $20,000-25,000. This money will be used for the following:

Materials and Supplies – Each project will be outlining their material needs throughout the design process. If we get donations of materials the amount of money we have to raise will be decreased.

Equipment – Tools, lifts and other equipment will be needed for construction and installation. Where possible we will be using the existing facilities and tools provided by Beakerhead and our institutional partners.

Design and Fabrication Fees – Each of these projects will take hundreds of hours to design and build. We want to respect the designers and the intern students working on this project by paying them for their work. Each of these projects is engaging design interns who will be the future of design in our community. Our design interns are doing lots of hard work and we want to reward that work. Think of these as fair labor pop-ups.

Travel/Transportation – We will need to move people and materials around as we install these projects all over the city.

If we are fortunate enough to raise more money than we need it will be used for one of the following purposes:

1. Promotion of the projects.
2. Improving/Augmenting the technical components of the project. Lighting and sound components are currently planned to be minimal, but could be expanded with more budget.
3. Community engagement workshops at no cost for kids during the festival.
4. This project will be realized on an annual basis if funding permits. Overages could be applied to next year's event.
5. Making the awesome.... well AWESOMER!!!!! (approximately 5 exclamation points worth of more awesome)

About the Designers
Jason Johnson is a professor of architecture at the University of Calgary, a researcher with the Laboratory for Integrative Design and the founding principle of MAS. MINUS ARCHITECTURE STUDIO is a collaborative design research studio that works across scales to produce projects that engage contemporary design, fabrication and simulation tools for integrative project delivery. We combine a passion for collaboration and research with over 15 years of experience completing projects at various scales from the very small (furniture, lamps and objects) to the very large (airports, libraries and urban parks).He lives in Calgary with his wife and three sons.

Alvin Huang is a visiting lecturer at the University of Calgary in the topics of digital fabrication, parametric design and architecture. Alvin is the Founder and Design Principal of SYNTHESIS. He is an award-winning architect, designer, and educator specializing in the integrated application of material performance, emergent design technologies and digital fabrication in contemporary architectural practice. His wide ranging international experience includes significant projects of all scales ranging from hi-rise towers and mixed-use developments to bespoke furnishings.

Mariana Ibanez and Simon Kim are Visiting Lecturers Faculty of Environmental Design, University of Calgary (Kasian Gallery) The Ibañez Kim Studio is the office of Mariana Ibañez and Simon Kim, interested in a destabilized practice of design, where dynamic networks replace a single authority. Ibañez Kim Studio was established in 2007 in London, England where the principals met at the Architectural Association. Since then Ibañez Kim Studio has enjoyed a heterogenous practice in multiple scales and events.

Josh Taron is a professor with the Faculty of Environmental Design at the University of Calgary, a researcher in the Laboratory for Integrative Design (LID) and the founding partner of Synthetiques. Founded in 2008 by Joshua M. Taron, Synthetiques is an award-winning research+design+build outfit focusing on the hybrid ecologies afforded through the interface of virtual and physical economies across multiple scales. Taron is an assistant professor of architecture at the University of Calgary Faculty of Environmental Design where he also co-directs the Laboratory for Integrative Design (LID). His current research focuses on structurally intelligent swarms; complex morphological assemblies that graft new structural efficiencies into existing buildings. This work is done in partnership with researchers and students from a variety of disciplines such as computer science, structural engineering and environmental design. The work has been published internationally and orients itself toward finding new ways of revitalizing and sustaining the already-built environment.

Dustin Couzens was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. He studied architecture at the University of Calgary, Faculty of Environmental Design earning a Masters Degree in Architecture in 2004. Following graduation he moved to Vienna Austria, working briefly for the internationally renowned firm Coop-Himmelblau. He is one of the founding principals of MoDA. MoDA grew out of a desire to create a new kind of architecture practice; a practice that functions as a true studio environment in which design is viewed as a collaborative process.

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