By Shawn Kinley

Film and New Media, Multidisciplinary, Theatre, Culture, Heritage

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About the Project

Mandate / statement / a thought or two...

On March 12, 2012 the global population topped 7 billion people. In a world so big, small important voices commonly go unheard.

What we know of a muslim in Turkey or Iraq, a young Colombian student or a Japanese earthquake victim comes from limited sources. We know our fellow citizens through the words of politicians and media. We base our judgement and behaviours on the perception of others. Stereotypes grow insidiously but can be smashed when we experience people in their own voice.

In the past ten years I have visited 37 countries. In conversations with Swedes, Icelanders, Peruvians, Slovenians and others I have come to realize that if some of their stories were shared beyond their living rooms, tents and towers, we might feel a little more connected to all the others whom we share so much with. Isolation and ignorance in a world so interconnected can create misunderstaning, fear and distrust. Connection and awareness builds empathy, understanding and balance. And so.. this project.

Last year I taught and performed for 9 months of the year away from my home in Canada. Airports were bus stops to the communitiees on 4 continents. Have a look at some of the adventures here on Facebook (my profile at Shawn McShawn Shawn) or here at my website at

In 2009 I developed a performance called, “Turn Me On”. Inspired by work with masks, I created a video mask incorporating the lives and experiences of 16 individuals. The people were interviewed (video recorded from the neck up) and their stories were brought together. The video faces were displayed on the "TV MASK" that was worn in place of my face. See the pictures here.

The show exceeded expectations and will inspire the work for Citizen of the World.

The Project:
The project has two parts.

PART 1...

The stage performance.

I will interview men, women and children on 5 continents. Their stories will be merged into a presentation of human uniqueness and similarities. I will include(Colombian) Daniel Orientia's story of escape from New York towers as it fell. I will include (Germany) Nadine Antler's story of growing up in the shadow of the East German Secret Police - the Stazi. We will visit the love stories of a Canadian in Australia. We will hear the childhood songs of Norway and Chile.

The stories are fascinating, exciting, funny, sometimes sad and always interesting. These are the stories of who WE are. Love, Fear, Saddness, Hope... The stories are OUR stories as Citizen's of the World.

The finished work will add to our Human - BEING. We are unique and are stronger to recognize that we are ONE people who just happen to speak in other languages on other continents on one planet shared by all.

I hope to present the initial performance in Calgary, Canada autumn 2013.

With the proposed show I hope to further connect and deepen relationships with collaborations in Europe, Asia and North America. The legacy will continue with a performance that shares stories that usually fade in time through lack of use. It will be a work that I foresee touring nationally and globally for 4 - 6 years.
In this phase of the project, I have already acquired letters of interest for presentation from three locations in Europe.

  1. - Mälardalens University - Eskilstuna, Sweden
  2. - Det Andre Teatre - Oslo, Norway
  3. - Cairo Cultural House - Wuerzburg, Germany

PART 2 of the project...

The second part of the project is the video legacy on a proposed Web Site called "ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE". (

With many hours of recorded footage, (and more footage continually being added), I hope to create a video site where guests can view the stories from "average" people from all over the world.

Eventually people will be able to upload their own videos under categories like 'adventures', 'first kisses', 'loss', 'confessions', 'childhood' etc etc...


While I will be forever greatful for the support that supporters can offer financially, I will also be indebted to offers of help with the technical undertaking of creating web presence, audio visual challenges and mechanical construction.

While I will be investing my time and finances to acquire the interviews from a minimum of 20 participants from every continent, your donation will go to support:
Technical Materials: Revision of original TV mask, projector,
Interviewing time in addition to current material (approximately 30 hours)

Editing time: Approximately 4 weeks
Rehearsal time: Approximately 3 - 4 weeks.

Web development time will be ongoing long after the project.

In the event that donations exceed initial request I will use the funds for:

  • - professional help in the Web side of the project,
  • - higher quality technical equipment necessary for the performance,
  • - advertisement and promotion


FACEBOOK ---ALL THE GOOD PEOPLE for pictures and updates

TWITTER --- Follow the tweets on ALLTHEGOODPEEPS!
Come along on the ride. Follow on the tweeter as I tour the globe and meet some of the cool people and stay connected as the project unfolds.

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